SITU is a new gallery set up in the heart of Dorchester. We will be offering fresh, contemporary work with a strong emphasis on the artistry and vision behind all the pieces we represent.

The gallery itself has an all glass front which fills the space with natural light which really adds to the ambience of the space. We also are lucky enough to have very high ceilings and a wide open area, this allows us to display pieces in a very individual manner, giving every piece its own space, and not crowded with other work on the wall.

This all contributes to the atmosphere of the space which we feel will be very inviting for customers to browse and buy art.

The location of the gallery was of course a careful decision. We were fortunate enough to find the place we have now that is set amongst Brewery Square in Dorchester. This modern development is full of character, retaining all of what made the old Brewery special, while modernising it to be a functional space in Dorchester. This area is bustling with retail, fine dining and bars and we believe just the right type of place for a modern art gallery.

Dorchester has so much history associated with it, including the birthplace of famous author Thomas Hardy, historic Roman sites and being in the middle of Dorset, makes it an incredibly popular tourist destination. Not only this, but Dorchester is receiving a lot of investment for beautiful new homes, including the Brewery itself, Poundbury and surrounding areas. This is also bringing new people into the area that we feel are the right type of audience for the artists we represent.

I hope you've found this exciting so far, below I've put together our proposal, please keep in mind, we are flexible and want to accommodate you as we really do value you and your work. If you feel this is not how like to work, please email me at or call me on 07557 262627. I believe the best relationships are built individually so I would love to talk at any time.

Our idea
Artwork ( prints / originals )

- 50% artist commission / 50% gallery commission.

- Work supplied on a Sale or Return basis.

- You will receive a ledger sheet that is accessible online and via email so you can see at all times what the gallery is holding, how much has been sold etc.

- If you need for your work to be printed, or perhaps would like to try bigger versions of your pieces, we offer a service to capture original paintings, print and mount work we think will be suitable for the gallery. We would talk with you and agree a price upfront for the printing and mounting for each individual piece. We'd base this price on looking at other printing and mounting business so you can be sure you are getting a fair price for the work involved.

Each piece would be supplied with an artist proof, so you can assess the quality of your work and how it is represented so you can be confident in our services. Only when the piece is sold will we deduct the cost we agreed before for this piece. If after a period of time, the piece doesn't sell and we return it back to you, as a gesture of goodwill, we will not ask for any payment for the costs associated with the piece. Of course, if the piece is damaged during its time being represented with us, we would naturally not ask for any of the costs to be reimbursed.

This service is designed around being as fair as possible to you, so if you think we can improve on this offering please talk to us. We would just like to offer you as an artist, an easier way to show more of your pieces to customers.

- Your work may be presented in our print browsers, or may be framed and displayed on the wall. If your work is being displayed on the wall, we would just ask for a small biography and your process in developing your pieces as we believe this is important in absorbing people even more into your art.

Any gift items, products you make for the home, such as lamps / mugs and cards

- We are putting together a range of artisan and designer gifts and products. If you sell any of these types of products we'd be very interested in looking at what you have available, so please direct us to your catalogue by emailing us.

Going forward

If you'd like to work with us please contact me via email on just letting me know that you'd like to work together. Going on from there, I will look at your online catalogue or any other images you may have and will make a list of the pieces we think will work well for the space. I will then get back in touch with you and see what is available on the list. Depending on if the work is currently in stock or not or if you'd like to print with us, we can discuss how we can move forward. I want it to be simple for you while of course having your complete confidence along the way. If this isn't how you'd like to work or you'd prefer to arrange it in a different way I'm completely open to other approaches so please just email me your suggestions.

Thank you

Thank you for taking the time to read through our proposal, we really do love your work and can see it working really well in the gallery. I understand after reading through this you still may have thoughts of working with our start up gallery and how your work may be represented. As an artist myself, I can completely understand. I want to assure you that presenting your work in the correct manner is the cornerstone of our gallery. It is the most important thing. It is what guided our decision to take the space we have now. Elements such as the natural light to the concrete miniamlist walls all play a part in making an inviting interesting space for customers to browse for art. I am confident with artists like yourself, we will be able to build a sustainable and exciting space for people in Dorset and the surrounding areas.

Thanks again, and please if you have any questions, email me directly at or call me on 07557 262627. Also, if you are local to Dorset, or happen to be in the area, I'm more than happy to show you around the store and talk with you in person about the future plans for the gallery. We can arrange this via email if you'd like.

Best wishes and hope to hear from you soon,


Examples of artwork we will be currently showing:

Gallery location:

6 Brewery Square



Contact Information:

07557 262627